One of the most rewarding experiences I have in creating is to work with fabrics to create tapestries expressing women of diverse cultures. The tapestries are all created by hand, no machine sewing. The process of creation involves creating a fabric frame and background for the piece. I proceed to create a paper cutout of the design, then I begin the delightful process of finding fabrics, trims, ribbons, etc. that will best portray the image. For me, one of the most enjoyable parts of this creation comes from the slow, repetitive hand stitching that I do as I create the piece. It takes me to a meditative space, filled with expansive peacefulness and quiet contemplation. The process is one that requires continual creating, recreating, and changing materials, until the whole comes together to form a unified piece. I hope enjoy them, Iíve included close up photos of each image for you to see the intricacies of the close up work.

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The Black Goddess


Whisper of the Horses

The Fruit Seller

Flower Girl


South African Flower Girl

Sun Dancers



Woman with Cherry Blossoms

The Power of Oness



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