Only someone with extraordinary inner and outer beauty could create such intensely imaginative art inspiring each viewer to BeYouToFull(ness). I found something lovely and inspiring in each work, and I love filling myself up by visiting them! Thank you, Donna, for your creative gifts!. ~ Vicki Worthington

Today has been a day of wonder and awe. My visit here to your sanctuary of the Divine Feminine is a perfect reflection of this most remarkable day. You bless and are blessed by the perfection of our Beloved Mother who shows in the myriad expressions of your Women of the World in all their radiant glory. ~ Mary Wright

 I absolutely love visiting your website.  No one in my life has had a greater effect on my understanding and appreciation of creativity than you.  ~ Dianne Eppler

Thanks my artist friend: I absolutely loved the calendar.  It flooded my senses with the essence of your soul’s work, your beauty and your strength. Thanks for the light that you bring into the darkness of the world. ~ Helen Visarraga

I perused your web site for quite a while this evening.  Never have I visited such a beautiful, well-designed website.  There is so much information; one moves so easily from link to link, and the beauty of your pieces, especially the women paintings, gave me some moments of pure pleasure.    ~ Virginia Handrup


Thoughts on a Thoughtful Lady. . .
(Reflections Inspired by Woman of Wisdom Painting)

The long, feminine oval of her face, mirrored in the golden arcs swirling ‘round her head,
Mauves, blues, golds and grays whirl soft as gossamer, as zephyrs gently toss her ringlets ‘round
(escaped, as whispers, from her cloche. . .)
About her, there are hints and silk-shrouded signs-
Suggestive hints of nautili in full and rolling flight:

The whiff of salt-tanged sea as Mistress Aphrodite rises
On a hidden golden half-shell that has drifted from the shore.
Her mouth, full lower lipped and berried its  hue, smiles deep as do her eyes.

This pensive angle of her chin beneath Minerva’s thinking-cap
Speaks pointedly of wisdom, old and new’
She knows, she knows - and gently, gently speaks
In words of gold and blue
Through smiling lips of ripe and berried hue.   

Don Rahtjen

Tumbling Wonder
(Reflections inspired by the January Calendar’s theme of Wonder)

  This morning when I awoke
I didn’t feel the wonder
Like a tumbling wonder weed
It lay crumbled, asunder

 I wondered about wonder
I wondered about my rent
I wondered about my life, spent
I was, quite honestly, in a state
Of wonderless wonderment

 And then a gleam of dew caught my eye
Glistening in the morning sun
And long, hearty laughter with a friend
Reminded me again of fun

 Wonder caught me off guard
When thoughts were set aside
Wonder crept in unseen
When I no longer tried

 Could it be,
 Underneath it all
A state of wonder is my soul’s call?
Beyond all the constructs of Mind and sense
Behind my thoughts
And this walled-in fence
Of separateness?

 Perhaps the greatest wonder of all
Is how Grace picks me up when I fall
Is how emptiness is filled with light
When all hope is out of sight
‘How even wonderlessness
Is all right.

 Heidi Hall


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